MAGIC The Launcher 1.0.4

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"Super fast and smooth Android home screen"

MAGIC is a super-light app launcher for Android.

If your Android version is 2.2 or later and have a MAGIC version of 1.0.3(version 4) or earlier,
please download from here.

MAGIC The Launcher SD English

Originally, we developed this launcher with the purpose of
improving usability of Android Home Screen's swipe function,
which we did not find comfortable.

This launcher is developed in a different way from other
launchers, in order to be able to magically run fast and smooth
even on low spec smartphones.

On latest devices, the interface runs even smoother.

This launcher is particularly recommended for older devices.

MAGIC(beta release) features:
・Super-fast rendering
・Extremely simple functions
(We chose not to include elements such as Live Wallpaper and Widgets,
as they may slow down the performance of the app, but this does not mean that
we will never add them in the upcoming updates.)
・Reduces probability of misinterpreting touch inputs when used with one hand
・Prevents unnecessary launches of apps while swiping
・Launcher will not be slowed down by Java's garbage collector

・Tap-and-hold an open space in the background to turn off background effect
・Tap-and-hold an icon to switch to swap-icon mode

TwitterID for support: magiclauncher
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